Empty Nest Art by Caroline

About the Artist…

I’m Caroline Chung Takeda. Welcome to this collection of my original art! A California native, I have lived in Los Angeles County most of my life, with the majority spent in the San Fernando Valley.  In 2018, I retired from a long career in public service, leaving me to attend full-time to my family of four, including my wonderful twins, Jes and Ren. Then, in 2019, as my husband and I faced the prospect of our children leaving for college, our family down-sized to a new home in Santa Clarita, where we continue to reside today. In Fall 2019 our children moved for the school year to Northern California to attend UC Berkeley, making our empty nest a reality. This left a void in my life and time on my hands, which I filled by exploring interests long deferred while being a parent. From this experience emerged a late-in-life artist, who, with no formal training, was free to observe and experiment with different genre of art, which led to my interest in acrylic flow painting, also known as fluid art and the art collection you see here today. From my empty nest, I paint as I am inspired. Weeks can go by without my touching a canvas, while other times find me mixing paint and creating piece after piece. It depends on my mood and what inspiration I hear, see or feel.  For me, art is an expression of emotion. At times I paint to music, while other times, in silence, I transfer a mood or memory onto canvas. Sometimes the work-in-progress betrays the inspiration that gave rise to it. But thankfully, the type of art I practice is forgiving; If I don’t like the piece I’m working on, I scrape it off and start again, repeating the process until the finished work accurately reflects the mood and look I originally intended.  In my style of art, the combinations of color and their contrasts, shapes, and movement across the canvas are what give a painting its distinction and appeal. In 2021, I was honored by the non-profit group Million Little, who did an Artist Spotlight on my work. The same year I was also selected to have four pieces on display in the Santa Clarita City Hall during the World of Color and Moment of Zen exhibitions. This year, I had a solo show over the summer and early fall on display at the Valencia Library entitled, “Fluid Art: Elements of Nature”.I feel so fortunate to live in a city, Santa Clarita, that values local artists and artisans. Welcome to Empty Nest Art by Caroline. We are happy to sell you an existing piece or create a custom canvas or home decor item just for you! I hope you enjoy the collection. 

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